The company is able to deliver a wide range of Electrical Panels owing to its vast manufacturing capability. The sheet metal shop in the manufacturing facility is fully equipped with high tech machinery and facilities, including CNC machine, cutter, along with shearing, braking and welding. We outsource the fabrication and power coating processes. 

Cutting and Bending Machine
In order to make cut-outs in panel, we have installed essential machines in the fabrication shop, for instance, hydraulic bending and sheering machine, power press, MIG Welding machine together with a number of dies & fixtures. To assure the rigidity and proper internal structure of control panel, the process of welding is carried out with care. 

ACCU-PANELS Carried Out Some In-house Test for LT Panels

  • Mechanical endurance test shall be carried out by closing and opening of ACBs, SFUs, MCCBs, and MCBs etc.
  • Insulation test with 500V megger, before and after H. V. test.
  • High voltage, insulation test shall be carried out between phases to earth busbar keeping the isolating switch in open position and closed position. 
  • All the interlocks, controls, tripping mechanism of the switchgear shall be tested for their proper functioning. 
  • Simulating control circuits for various operations of feeders, remote indicating lights and other remote operations, if any.
  • Pick-up and drop-out voltages for shunt-trip and closing coils.
  • RS-485 Communication Testing with Software
  • Primary Injection Test
  • Secondary Injection
  • All routine tests specified in relevant Indian Standards and witnessed by buyer.

Control wiring inside the LT Panels

ACCU-PANELS carried out with 1100/650 V Grade PVC insulated wires of stranded copper conductor of 2.5 for current circuits and 1.5 for voltage and Control circuits. All wiring shall be securely fixed and neatly  dressed to enable easy tracing of wires. All terminal blocks and wires shall be tagged for identification in accordance with IS 375.

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