HT/LT Panels

Each type of 11 KV Switchgear shall be completely assembled, wired, adjusted and tested at the factory as per the relevant standards i.e. IS 9920, IS 3427, IS 13118, IEC 265, IEC 298 during manufacturing and on completion.

HT VCB Panels are totally enclosed & fully interlocked, horizontal draw out, horizontal/ vertical isolation type breaker as per IS 13118, as amended up to date and additional specifications, having capacities as mentioned below, single break, trip free mechanism, manually charged and auto/manually closing breaker suitable for use on 11 KV, 3 Phase, 50 Hz A.C. supply with short circuit fault level of 350 MVa, complete with self contained, fully interlocked, rack in and rack out mechanism, air insulated but encapsulated copper bus bars