We have Certification of ISO 90001-2015 from TUV-SUD South Africa for the Standard of design, Manufacturing and Services. Our Product is tested in Laboratories of Ministry of power Central Power Research Institute at Bhopal India.

ACCU-PANELS Carried Out Some In-house Test for LT Panels: 

  • Mechanical endurance test shall be carried out by closing and opening of ACBs, SFUs, MCCBs, and MCBs etc.
  • Insulation test with 500V megger, before and after H. V. test.
  • High voltage, insulation test shall be carried out between phases to earth busbar keeping the isolating switch in open position and closed position. 
  • All the interlocks, controls, tripping mechanism of the switchgear shall be tested for their proper functioning. 
  • Simulating control circuits for various operations of feeders, remote indicating lights and other remote operations, if any.
  • Pick-up and drop-out voltages for shunt-trip and closing coils.
  • RS-485 Communication Testing with Software
  • Primary Injection Test
  • Secondary Injection
  • All routine tests specified in relevant Indian Standards and witnessed by buyer.

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