Manufacturing Capability

We are associated with Reputed & Qualified Fabricators for our fabrication and powder coating process. Manufacturing facility including a full sheet metal shop with a CNC machine, cutter, plus shearing, braking and welding facilities.

Cutting and Bending Machine

The fabrication shop is equipped with Hydraulic bending and sheering machine, power press, MIG Welding machine etc. and lot of dies & fixtures to make cutouts in the panel. The process of welding is also subjected to similar quality control so that the internal structure and rigidity of the panel is not compromised.

7-Tank Coating Processing Plant

The panel is process in 1. Degreasing Bath, 2. Water Rinse, 3. Derusting Bath, 4. Water Rinse, 5. Phospating Bath, 6.Water Rinse, 7. Passivation Bath then baked in the oven at a temperature of 240 ºC for half an hour. The oven provides the panel with more durability and also helps in provision of longevity.

Assembly & Wiring

Specious assembly & Wiring shop can cater simultaneous assembly requirement of number of panels together with best available tools & tackles for the job. For better quality/efficiency most sophisticated and latest machineries for Busbar assembly and wiring works.


Performance Tested

When the panel is ready the outgoing quality control on the panel will be done. In this, mainly H.V. test and Meggar test is performed on the panel along with functional test for specific requirement and interlock. Standard procedure from point to point checks of wiring diagram and continuity checks in wiring. We routinely perform schematic logic, device functionality and wiring test before we ship to you.

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