Types of electrical control panel

Have you ever wondered which types of electrical control panels used in power engineering?

In this article, we are going to talk about various electrical control panels. In process plant one or more motor control by a piece of equipment that called an electrical control panel. The electrical control panel starts or stops many equipment's through switchgear and SCADA automation by using MCCB, Contractor, PLC, Overload relay and plug-in relay, etc.

There are three types of electrical control panels.

  1. Power control center (PCC Panel)

  2. Motor Control center (MCC Panel)

  3. Automation Panel (SCADA PLC Panel)

What is an Electrical Control panel, exactly? Think of an electrical control panel like the human body. Inside our bodies, We have many vital organs that control & monitor our surroundings.

Similarly, an Electrical control panel is a CRCA ms sheet enclosure that contains electrical switchgear that controls and monitors a mechanical process electrically.

Power control center (PCC Panel)

Let's get started! First, let's talk about the power control center (PCC Panel), PCC panel contains all of the electrical switchgear like an air circuit breaker, MCC's, mcb, and suitable size aluminum or copper busbar. The main circuit breaker is where the power comes into the control panel for all of the switchgear. This circuit breaker generally has an isolate on the panel that allows us to shut off the power.

Always remember the incoming side of the breaker will still have power. The power that comes into the panel can be anywhere from 440 volts to 800V AC.

Motor control center (MCC Panel)