Difference between IS: 8623 and IEC 60439 and 60439

Indian Standards IS: 8623 and IEC 60439 was exactly similar in all respect but a new IEC 61439 published in 2009 & relaunched in 2011. New IEC 61439 standard applies to enclosures for which the rated voltage is under 1000 V AC. International Electro-technical Commission has made the IEC-60439 obsolete but IS-8623 is still in use.

Accu-Panels Energy is CPRI Approved as per IS: 8623(Part-1) and Out-Sourcing Enclosure with IEC 61439 TTA Approved Panel Manufacturer Rittal, Suneson, ABB, Schneider, Siemens Etc. Finally, IEC 61439 and 60439 one of the improved version of TTA and PTTA

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