Ac distribution board

Ac distribution board

What is solar Ac distribution board?

Solar ACDB (Ac distribution board) is an important part of SPV system for Solar power Plant. Accu-panels is CPRI approved acdb dcdb manufacturer in india.

It combines the output 3 phase as well as single phase AC power of  inverter placed in solar plant system into single box called ACDB (AC Distribution Board).

What kind of ACDB is made?

We are making customized ACDB according to client’s specifications,such as indoor type (IP52), outdoor type (IP65), floor standing, wall mounting, stand mounting according to the client requirement. Also We provide IP67 Certificate for  Polycarbonate box and IP65 certificate for MS box


ACDB comes with the package of protection devices such as surge protection device (SPD), MCCB/fuse/isolator/MCB. Therefore protecting the electrical circuit from travelling surges,overload and shortcircuit as well as human personnel from earth leakage fault which is fatal.

It has an Energy meter in which you can easily to read the generated power and current generation values like current, voltage,power factor.

The specifications and ratings of ACDB vary according to load and inverter capacity.


Accu Panels is making ACDB from 1.6mm / 2mm thick CRCA sheet steel in IP52 and IP65 enclosures as well as transparent IP65 polycarbonate enlosures for small roof top plants upto 30kW.

We are one of the leading suppliers of the ACDB panel with customized solutions. This is not only user-friendly but also demands minimum maintenance.

Accu Panels is manufacturing ACDB according to International Electrical standards like IS 8623, IEC 60529 as well as IP65 protection levels.

All switches and the circuit breakers, connectors should conform to IEC60947, part I, II and III/ IS 60947 part I, II and III.

  • We are also making provision of metering and net metering to monitor the consumption and generation of power.
  • Fine ferruling,marking,dressing and lugs of internal wiring.
Our Solar ACDB Products:
  • 1-5KW Solar ACDB (Ac Distribution Board) Standard(For single and Three Phase)
  • 10-50KW Solar ACDB (Ac Distribution Board) Standard
  • 50-1MW ACDB LT Panels as per Client Specifications
  • 1in 1out ACDB up to 10KW
  • 2in 1out ACDB up to 10KW
  • 3in 1out ACDB up to 25KW
  • 4in 1out ACDB up to 200KW
  • 5in 1out ACDB up to 500KW
  • 6in 1out ACDB up to 500KW
  • 7in 1out to 20in 1out up to 4000A (500KW to 10MW)

Also We are Manufacturer of SOLAR ACDB, DCDB, Feeder Pillar, Junction Box, AJB, SJB, String monitoring unit, TVM BOX, Combiner Box, NVR Box, Metering panels, and all type of LT Panels as per Client requirements

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