Array Junction Box

Array Junction Box

We are supplying Standard & Customized AJB As per Client Requirement.Array Junction Box (AJB), also known as DCDB (Direct Current Distribution Box), DCDB controls the DC power from a Solar Panel. It is used to combine the DC voltage of the solar PV panel.

Array Junction box can be used to protect solar panels strings and inverter from any type of damage to Surge Protection Devices (SPD).
DC Switching: 600/1000/1500VDC Fuse/MCB/Isolator.


    • To Block the reverse flow of current from the battery to solar panels during nights or low radiation levels.
    • To obstruct the sudden surges due to lightening strokes during cloudy and rainy conditions and ground the surges immediately.
    • Efficient String Monitoring – Optional
    • Disconnect DC at the sources
    • Fuses for overload protection on each string
    • Blocking Diodes for reverse current flow protection
    • Easy DC-termination
      • Firstly Safe
      • Secondly Durable
      • Thirdly High performance
      • Also Sturdy construction and
      • Finally Corrosion resistance
Type of Enclosure: IP66 Polycarbonate Material

Input/output Type:
1)  1in 1out DCDB
2)  2in 2out DCDB
3)  4in 4out DCDB
4)  8in 8out DCDB
5)  10in 10out DCDB


  • To interconnect N-number of modules for desired output.
  • Purely customizable based on the customer needs.
  • To monitor the parameters of solar pv modules.

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