What is feeder pillar panel in Electrical ?

A feeder pillar also referred to as an influence box, distribution pillar, or feeder pillar box for accustomed distribution applications. Feeder pillars act as a common circuits. That controls and distributes electricity to outgoing circuits downstream through the feeder pillar distribution boards.

This setup provides each circuit protection, together with the capacity to be easily controlled. Primary requirements for Feeder pillar manufacturer (accu panels) is IP65 and CPRI approved as per government guidance in India. 

Electrical feeder pillars are mounted on the road and are accustomed control the electrical supply to houses in an exceedingly neighborhood. A new assortment of feeder pillar is a part of an underground electrical distribution system. Electrical distribution pillars give low voltage power connections for single units or complex developments for the commercial, residential and solar sectors. 

Mini feeder pillars are used for utility substation, M&E building services, hazardous area industries, and renewable energy. Highway pillars are used for Industrial CCTV, traffic signals, Outdoor street lighting power, motorway communications, and control distribution.

Conclusion, Accu-panels Energy private limited is one of the top Indian company as leading manufacturers with high quality feeder pillars. If you are finding best electrical equipment or electrical quality material in Ahmedabad Gujarat. We trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of best feeder pillar box protection level IP65 with IEC 61439 quality standards in India.


Effective electrical enclosure to provide electrical services for low voltage electrical distribution applications. So mini feeder pillar is the main part of all types of electrical panel boards.

First of all, All switches and the circuit breakers, connectors confirmed to international standards. Because the Industry's requirement is the best quality of products. Our almost Lt distribution boards are compatible with a high rating of standards. Similarly, We are a CPRI approved manufacturer in India. So, we are a top 10 feeder distribution board suppliers in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

The panels have designed for the minimum expected ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, 80 percent humidity and dusty weather. All indoor panels have protected with IP54 or better. Outdoor panels have protected of IP65 or better by Accu-panels.

You may have inadvertently seen electrical feeder pillars drive around without taking much notice.

They are typically found near:




Solar power plants


Street Lighting

UPS distributions

Industrial Lightings

Malls and multiplex electrifications