Lighting Distribution Board

Lighting Distribution Board

Lighting Distribution Board provided distribution of lighting circuit in distribution system. Also are an integral part of every building projects with the safety standards. Accu-panels Energy have engaged in manufacturing and distributing Control Panels, Lighting Distribution Board & more. Also we serve for Electrical Line Service/installation and Customizing product as per customer requirement.

  • We are making panels with metal clad enclosed and fabricated out of high quality CRCA sheet.
  • We provide busbar According to the air insulated and made high quality, high conductivity, high strength copper/Aluminium with heat shrinkable PVC sleeves and colour coded in red, Yellow, Blue and Black to identify the three phases and neutral of the system as per relevant IS code.
  • Accu Panels is providing best quality and customized PDB panels with customized solutions as per client requirement.
Protection Level

Firstly, all indoor panels have protection of IP54 or better even more all outdoor panels have protected with IP65 or better. Secondly, all PCC Panels made by laser cutting CRCA sheet and powder coating with 7-Tank process.

Standards of Power Distribution Board (PDB panel)

PDB panel are designed as per IS standard IS 8623, IEC 60529. In addition, all switches and the circuit breakers, connectors conformed to IEC 60947, part I, II and III/ IS 60947 part I, II and III. 


All the Panel’s with metal clad, totally enclosed, rigid, floor mounted, air -insulated, cubical type suitable for operation on three phase / single phase,415 or 230 volts, 50 Hz. Power control center panel have designed for minimum expected ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. Also 80 percent humidity and dusty weather.


Using in Dairy, Plastic industry, Refrigeration plants, Batching plants, Chemical Plants and many more related with electricity.

Accu-panels focus the product and services delivery to industries such as solar power plant, Utilities of industries, Manufacturing plants, Mining and ball mills, Food Beverage, Marine, Construction and Other industries that require a reliable partner for cost effective solution for electrical panels.


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