Types of Electrical Panel Boards

Types of Electrical Panel Boards
Types of Electrical Panel Boards

There are three main Types of Electrical Panel Boards, Power distribution or lighting Distribution and Solar Distribution boards . The primary focus of this article is Solar Distribution boards. They are also known as Solar ACDB or Solar DCDB. Accu- Panels the legendary name in solar acdb dcdb in india.

Electrical Panel Boards also working as Intelligent Power Distribution by used PLC SCDA Automation Panel. Some of the Electrical Panel Manufacturer have also divided panels boards by Three Phase Panel and Single Phase Panel because in india two power types of Power supply is available for Industries.

The basic function for many Types of Electrical Panel Boards distribute the power from transformer to LT Panels and from LT Panels to Utility Panels, APFC Panel, PCC Panel, MCC Panel, and Lighting power distribution Panel boards.

Solar AC Distribution

Solar AC Distribution Board (ACDB) is important part of PV System to protect equipment and distribute the power from investor to Electrical Main LT Panel. They provides protection in AC side and isolate the power from the string Inverter.ACDB incorporates MCCB, ACDB, Fuse, isolators, breaker, voltage and current monitoring relay and Surge Protection device ( SPD) etc.

Protection Level

Firstly, all indoor panels have protection of IP54 or better even more all outdoor panels have protected with IP65 or better. Secondly, all PCC Panels made by laser cutting CRCA sheet and powder coating with 7-Tank process.

Lighting Distribution Board provided distribution of lighting circuit in distribution system. Also are an integral part of every building projects with the safety standards. Accu-panels Energy have engaged in manufacturing and distributing Control Panels, Lighting Distribution Board & more. Also we serve for Electrical Line Service/installation and Customizing product as per customer requirement.

What is Dc distribution board?

Dc distribution board combines the dc power of solar PV modules strings into single array. In Addition, combination of all strings are made pass through individual array dc fuses in shunt with DC SPD.

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