ACDB and DCDB price and Details?


Solar ACDB is an important part of SPV system (solar photo voltaic system). It gives extra protection to the system in case of failures on load side. It is comprised of breakers, isolators, current and voltage monitoring. It can provide protection. While, DCDB is used for the purpose of protecting the system irrespective of it being solar panels or batteries.

ACDB IN PC, Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

An AC distribution box has mounted close to the Power Conditioning Unit/ Solar Grid Inverter. The AC distribution box have been minimum comprise of the following components and cable terminations:
a. Incoming 3.5/4 core cable from the Solar Grid Inverter,
b. AC Circuit Breaker, 4-pole,
c. AC Surge Protection Device (SPD), class 2 as per IEC 60364-5-53,
d. Outgoing Cable to the building Lighting distribution board.
e. Import/Export type Digital Multi-Function Meter if required.

Solar ACDB, Solar DCDB are more important for Soar plants because distribtuion and power safery available in panels. ACDB and DCDB price are also should more comfortable. Also use Array Junction Box, Solar Combiner Box, LT panels, TVM panel, NVR Box, Metering Panels. Also all type of Solar AC/DC Distribution Boards, AC Distribution Panel Board (DPB). ACDB control the AC power from PCU/inverter, and should have necessary surge arrestors. Above all interconnection from ACDB to mains at LT Bus bar while in grid tied mode.

AC Distribution Panel Board (DPB) controls the AC power from PCU/inverter and has necessary surge arrestors. Interconnection is from ACDB to main circuit at LT Bus bar while in grid tied mode. All switches and the circuit breakers, connectors should conform to IEC60947, part I, II and III/ IS 60947 part I, II and III. It is very significant to follow all electrical standards including Indian and International standards i.e. IS 8623, IEC 60529. All the Panels designed with metal clad are totally enclosed, rigid, floor mounted, air -insulated, and cubical type which is suitable for operation on three phase /single phase, 415 or 230 volts, 50 Hz. These panels are designed for minimum expected ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, 80 percent humidity and dusty weather. All indoor panels will have protection of IP54 or better. All outdoor panels will have protection of IP65 or better.

Well, ACCU-PANELS is a trusted supplier of Solar ACDB, solar DCDB, Array Junction Box, Solar Combiner Box, LT panels, TVM panels, NVR Box, Metering Panels and all type of Solar AC/DC Distribution Boards too. All out solar ACDB and DCDB for solar systems have high performance and improved functionality. 

Our Main Solar Products and ACDB and DCDB price Starting From Rs. 2200/-Piece:

  • 1-5KW Solar ACDB (Ac Distribution Board) Standard
  • 10-50KW Solar ACDB (Ac Distribution Board) Standard
  • 50-1MW ACDB LT Panels As per Client Specifications
  • 1in 1out DCDB ACDB
  • 2in 2out DCDB
  • 4in 4out DCDB
  • 8in 8out DCDB
  • 10in 10out DCDB
  • 1in 1out ACDB up to 10KW
  • 2in 1out ACDB up to 10KW
  • 3in 1out ACDB up to 25KW
  • 4in 1out ACDB up to 200KW
  • 5in 1out ACDB up to 500KW
  • 6in 1out ACDB up to 500KW
  • 7in 1out to 20in 1out up to 4000A (500KW to 10MW)

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  • Reply Mahesh Balkrishna Tatipamul - March 5, 2020

    Want a price list of ACDB and DCDB, 5 to 10kw and above.
    Thanks & Regards
    Mahesh Balkrishna Tatipamul

  • Reply accupanels - March 9, 2020

    Accu-Panels Energy is a Global Manufacturer of wide range of Solar ACDB, Solar DCDB, LT Panels. Also we provide NVR Panels, DG-PV Synchronizing , Remote Monitoring.
    Solar ACDB Price in india starting from 1750/-INR. Accupanels ACDB available upto MW scale.
    send me ping on whatsupp for more details regarding ACDB DCDB price for Solar power plant.

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