What is ACDB and DCDB?


Let’s Know what is ACDB and DCDB. First of all when rooftop or Solar Plant install So many problems we have found, because safety is more important. Also we have found fault and heating in Solar. Conclusion is ACDB (AC Distribution Board) and Solar DCDB (DC Distribution Board)

Solar ACDB, Solar DCDB are more important for Soar plants because distribtuion and power safery available in panels. So use always ACDB and DCDB. Also use Array Junction Box, Solar Combiner Box, LT panels, TVM panel, NVR Box, Metering Panels. Also all type of Solar AC/DC Distribution Boards, AC Distribution Panel Board (DPB). ACDB control the AC power from PCU/inverter, and should have necessary surge arrestors. Above all interconnection from ACDB to mains at LT Bus bar while in grid tied mode.

All switches and the circuit breakers, connectors should conform to IEC60947, part I, II and III/ IS 60947 part I, II and III. Electrical standards followed include Indian and international standards like IS 8623, IEC 60529. Almost All the Panel’s with metal clad, totally enclosed, rigid, floor mounted, air -insulated, cubical type suitable for operation. On three phase / single phase,415 or 230 volts, 50 Hz. The Solar ACDB DCDB designed for minimum expected ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, 80 percent humidity and dusty weather. All indoor panels will have protection of IP54 or better. All outdoor panels will have protection of IP65 or better.

The main purpose of the Solar ACDB and DCDB, is to eliminate the operation of the load at the immediate PCU O/P end and also provide flexible operation of different loads. Solar AC Combiner Box is also called inverter combiner box. It is basically a bigger version of ACDB. ACCB is used in place of ACDB in large solar PV power plants where there are several inverters.

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