APFC stand for Automatic Power Factor Control Panels. Its use to improvement of Power Factor. Everybody knows that how expensive power has progressed toward becoming in display time. APFC Panel Factor can be clarified as proportion of active power to obvious power and it is a key factor in estimating electrical utilization.

We manufacturering wide range of customized and standard APFC panel as per client requirement and competitive in the industry. We designed to provide a reliable connection, heat dissipation efficiency and also protect to re-generalization of power bank before it is fully discharged.

APFC panel manufacturers are fully automatic in function and can be used to achieve: Continually high energy aspect under varying fill conditions Reduced kVA demand expenses Lower energy consumption in the set up by reducing failures Precautionary leading energy take into account an set up l Removal of low energy aspect charge charged by power supply authorities.

We are offering to our customers a wide range of APFC control Panel. Ranges are huge size spaced for capacitor equipments. These are designed to provide an easy connection, efficient heat dissipation, and protection against re-energization of capacitor bank before it is fully discharged. These panels are made from high quality of raw material which ensure durability at its user end.