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The Intelligent Motor Control Center (IMCC) emerges as a pinnacle of high-quality engineering, intertwining innovative features such as the SIMOCODE-enabled motor management module and protection relays. This state-of-the-art IMCC, a pivotal element in power systems, orchestrates seamless communication across enclosed sections, ensuring efficient control and safeguarding electric motors through an array of protection devices.

Operating as the nerve center, the IMCC integrates motor starters, variable frequency drives, and overload relays with finesse. Its robust architecture harnesses a common power bus to channelize electrical power, thereby optimizing performance and enhancing system reliability. The IMCC stands as a testament to advanced technology, leveraging its prowess to monitor, manage, and safeguard critical motor processes within a power system.

An Intelligent Motor Control Center (IMCC) panel, conforming to stringent international standards like IEC 61439, operates as the central command hub for managing electric motors within diverse industrial and commercial settings. These panels adhere to rigorous design and performance criteria, ensuring compliance with global benchmarks for electrical distribution and control assemblies.

Intelligent Motor Control Center (IMCC Panel) Key Features:

IMCC panels embody a suite of advanced features that revolutionize motor control and system management:

  1. Enhanced Process Efficiency: By integrating smart functionalities and streamlined control mechanisms, IMCC panels optimize the overall process, improving efficiency and operational workflows.

  2. Space Optimization and Rapid Setup: Their compact design efficiently utilizes space while facilitating quicker commissioning and startup procedures, reducing setup times significantly.

  3. Advanced Motor Protection: IMCC panels incorporate cutting-edge protection mechanisms, safeguarding electric motors against various electrical anomalies, ensuring longevity and sustained performance.

  4. Mitigated Downtimes: Through proactive monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities, these panels minimize unscheduled downtimes, contributing to increased operational continuity.

  5. Cost-Effective Maintenance Approach: By employing sophisticated monitoring and diagnostic tools, IMCC panels assist in preemptive maintenance, reducing overall maintenance costs and saving valuable time.

  6. Enhanced Productivity: The integration of intelligent control systems and efficient motor management fosters optimized productivity across diverse industrial processes, promoting seamless operations.

  7. Intelligent Communication Protocols: IMCC panels establish sophisticated communication links with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), DCS (Distributed Control Systems), and BMS (Building Management Systems), enabling seamless data exchange and coordinated control for enhanced system performance and adaptability.

Application of IMCC
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Mining Operations
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transportation Sector
  • Food and Beverage Industry

Accu-Panels is #1, Intelligent Motor Control Center manufacturer, supplier and exporter with latest specifications as below :

  • Verified Design for Safery
  • Safer busbar assembly 
  • Enhanced IP Protection
  • Higher Class Insulation
  • Compartmentalized design as per Form 4B and IEC 61439-2