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(PDB Panel)

What is PDB panel?

  • Power Distribution Board (PDB panel) is a component of an electrical system that Distributes electrical power into a subsidiary circuit by a circuit breaker and switch fuse unit. Power Distribution Board also is known as the power distribution board panel of the electrical panel. In addition, equipped complete with all types of the required number of air circuit breakers, switch fuse unit, contactor, protective relays, fuses, meters, indicating lamps, push buttons, busbar, etc.

What Accu-Panel offering in PDB?

Additionally, all Power Distribution Board (PDB panel) having undergone pretreatment for Decreasing, Water rinsing & De-rusting/ Phosphating, also all LT panels Painted with Powder Coated or Synthetic enamel as per the requirements. After that, seven tank processes made by the painter. Similarly, Bus Bars / Internal Wiring uniform cross-section and supported by SMC and DMC bases.

Structure of PDB Panel
  • We are making panels with metal clad enclosed and fabricated out of high-quality CRCA sheets.
  • We provide busbar According to the air-insulated and made high quality, high conductivity, high strength copper/Aluminium with heat-shrinkable PVC sleeves, and color-coded in red, Yellow, Blue, and Black to identify the three phases and neutral of the system as per relevant IS code.
  • Accu Panels is providing the best quality and customized PDB panels with customized solutions as per client requirements.
What is the difference between LDB and PDB?

PDB panels are used for electric power distribution while LDB panels are used for lighting power distribution.
A distribution board or circuit panel consists of a control board located inside the main room rather than inside the walls. You can turn all connections on or off with just one switch.

Our Power Distribution Board are designed for termination of cables and operation of fuse base from the front end. The PDB enclosure have provide a degree of protection not less then IP65 in accordance with IEC-61439

Standards of Power Distribution Board (PDB panel)

PDB panel are designed as per IS standard IS 8623, IEC 61439-6 & IEC 60529. In addition, all switches and the circuit breakers, connectors conformed to IEC 60947, part I, II and III/ IS 60947 part I, II and III. 

Power distribution basically looks like a biggest MS or steel wardrobe. The exterior can be either double-walled or single-walled, mounted on top of a steel base. PDBs typically deal with ammeters, selector switches, surge protectors, service fuses and molded case circuit breaker with voltmeters. Some times we are providing air circuit breaker and electronic device for controlling and signaling. All the Panels with metal clad, totally enclosed, rigid, floor mounted, air-insulated, cubical type suitable for operation on three-phase / single phase,415 or 230 volts, 50 Hz. Accu-panels make pdb panel has designed for a minimum expected ambient temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. Also 85 percent humidity and dusty weather.

Accu-Panels Make Power Distribution boards are used for 
  • Residential, Commercial and industrial purposes.
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Cement Industries
  • Sugar Industries etc.