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Why need a Accu-Panel Lighting Distribution Panel is built like a showpiece, from its stainless steel or MS CRCA enclosure to its heavy duty distribution box. All the switchgears are top of the line. Over the years it has been tested by hard rental and industrial usage, and it has passed with flying colors. We will gladly customize yours, and powder coat it with your company colors and logo.

The Accu-Panels Lighting Distribution Panel can be used to support temporary and emergency power needs for pandemic response, mass casualty disasters and other urgent needs, including medical testing and temporary hospitals and constructions.

Industrial applications for lighting distribution boards
For many industrial companies, lighting panels can provide lighting distribution at work sites. When you or your employees are faced with jobs in isolated areas without fixed lighting sources, lighting distribution panels can help ensure efficient and safe operation for critical machinery and equipment. From construction sites to utilities, a wide range of industries, pharma and hospital working in the field must have reliable equipment for the job.

Features and Benefits a Lighting distribution board

    • Touch safe
    • Surge protection via Type-2 devise for 1000V
    • DC isolation switch rated for 1000V/ 250A
    • HRC Fuse protection on both ve and -ve solar strings with 1000V/10-20A Fuses
    • Monitoring of strings & RS485 MODBUS communication
    • IP66 polyester enclosure to withstand harsh environmental exposure.
    • IP65 incoming MC4 connector rated for 1100V DC pass
    • All ve and -ve cables rated for IP65 cable Gland M12
    • IP65 cable gland for 2C
    • 70 outgoing DC feeder line
    • 6 terminals for incoming solar strings
    • Designed to meet high voltage and other fault current levels of solar systems
    • Ideal for use in land-based PV systems
    • Tested to extreme ambient conditions
    • Firstly Safe
    • Secondly Durable
    • Thirdly High performance
    • Also Sturdy construction and
    • Finally Corrosion resistance

Accu-Panels offer rugged solutions in lighting distribution to cope with demanding work conditions. Designed to handle the elements and operational wear and tear, our robust power panels can seamlessly deliver power to remote job sites in a wide range of environments.

Strict engineering design rules & our world-class manufacturing facility helps is building a high-quality product with an unmatched level of reliability at a competitive price thereby ensuring a long product life in challenging environmental conditions