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what is the DC distribution board?

DC distribution board combines the dc power of solar PV modules strings into a single array. In Addition, a combination of all strings is made a pass through individual array dc fuses in shunt with DC SPD.

What is the purpose of DCDB?

It is manufactured by keeping view of the protection of expensive inverters from the direct and indirect lightning surges traveling from solar panels through its connected cables.

how DCDB is made?

DCDB comes with the combination package of DC fuses, surge protection device(SPD), DC MCB/Isolators. Also, Accu Panels DCDB is dust, vermin, and waterproof are made out of polycarbonate enclosures. PG plastic glands and MC4 connectors give the provision of suitable cable entry and exit points of appropriate sizes of incoming and also outgoing cables.

We deliver quality-driven Dc distribution board DCDB across India and satisfied IEC-61439-1 standard hence became the trust of reputed solar power manufacturer.

Protection Level

Firstly, all indoor panels have protected with IP54 or better even more all outdoor panels have protected with IP65 or better. Secondly, all PCC Panels made by laser cutting CRCA sheet and powder coating with the 7-Tank process. In addition, Accu-panels have provided IP65 certificates for the Dc distribution board.

what’s new?

Accu Panels have developed a new product with reverse blocking diodes used in conjunction with respective array strings to protect from such loss. Also, we providing more expensive solar dcdb for power plants. In conclusion, there are many reasons to buy a product from us.

  • Accu Panels Solar DCDB satisfies IEC-61439-1 and mandatory by MNRE and operates up to 1000Vdc.
  • The enclosure provides IP65 protection.
  • Complete electrical safety to avoid hazards.
  • Ferraz Mersen/Eaton DC Fuses to prevent overloads.
  • Reverse blocking diodes for reverse current flow protection.
  • User-friendly DC termination and decent cable management.
  • Easy cable plug-in and plug-out provision for cable connection.
  • Wall mounting design for easy installation and maintenance.

All the Panels with metal clad, totally enclosed, rigid, floor mounted, air-insulated, cubical type suitable for operation on three-phase / single phase,415 or 230 volts, 50 Hz. The power control center panel has designed for a minimum expected ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. Also 80 percent humidity and dusty weather.

Our Main Solar DC Products:
  • 1in 1out DCDB
  • 2in 2out DCDB
  • 4in 4out DCDB
  • 8in 8out DCDB
  • 10in 10out DCDB

Using in Solar Power Plant, Rooftop power plant, Solar plant, Renewable energy Source, and any type of solar power plants. Also using for LT power distribution in electricity.

Accu-panels focus the product and services delivery to industries such as solar power plants, Utilities of industries, Manufacturing plants, Mining and ball mills, Food Beverage, Marine, Construction, and Other industries that require a reliable partner for a cost-effective solution for electrical panels.