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Basic of Electrical Feeder Pillar

A feeder pillar, also known as a power box, a distribution pillar, or a feeder pillar box, is a container that is used to house electrical equipment’s. It acts as a central course that controls and distributes electricity to outgoing circuits.

What is the need for a electrical feeder pillar?

A electrical feeder pillar acts like a common circuit that distributes electricity downstream through the feeder pillar distribution boards. This kind of an arrangement protects each circuit, while allowing them to be easily controlled. These set-ups are generally mounted on the road to control the electrical supply to houses in the neighborhood. Feeder pillars can be used for single unit, low voltage connections as well as for complex circuits – as in commercial or residential buildings and solar sectors.

What are its components?

A feeder pillar basically resembles a big steel wardrobe. The outer body can either be double-walled or single-walled, which is mounted on top of a steel base. A feeder pillar usually encloses ammeters, selector switches, whole house surge protectors, service fuses and instrument panels with voltmeters.

Why Accu-Panels feeder pillars?

Accu-Panels is one of the top 10 feeder distribution board suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. All of their indoor panels are well-protected with up to IP65, while outdoor panels are protected with IP65 and above. They also manufacture mini feeder pillars, which are used for utility substations, M&E building services as well as for renewable energy sources. Their highway pillars are used for industrial CCTV, traffic signals, outdoor street lighting power, among others. Accu-Panels feeder pillars are designed to sustain a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, with 80 percent humidity and dusty weather – which is perfect for this part of the country. Their switches and circuit breakers are manufactured keeping international standards in mind to provide the industry with the best quality of products. Accu-Panels are a highly trustworthy manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the best feeder pillars on the market.