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800V LT Panel

Accu-panels has introduced a selection of LT Panels (ACDB) with 800V AC ratings to support the higher voltage architectures in solar power plants. 800V AC ACDB solutions will help new solar power plants introducing string inverter architectures to lower overall system costs. Operating with higher voltages reduces the transmission losses & cabling costs of solar plants, while limiting the impact of any faults, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. Higher voltage ratings will also mean fewer DC combiner boxes and less wiring complexity.

Solar ACDB (Ac distribution board) is a crucial a part of the SPV system for solar energy Plant. Accu-panels is CPRI approved #acdb #dcdb manufacturer in India.
It combines the output 3 phase as well as single-phase AC power of inverter placed in the solar plant system into a single box called ACDB (AC Distribution Board).

We are making customized boards consistent with client’s specifications, like indoor type (IP52), outdoor type floor standing, wall mounting, stand mounting consistent with the client requirement. Also, we offer IP67 Certificate for Polycarbonate box and IP65 certificate for MS box

Why We have Start 800V LT Panel Manufacturing?

Accu-Panels has been manufacturing All type of LT panels and Solar ACDB DCDB since 2009. We have made and supply a lot of electrical panels. Solar is our favorite sector in Industries. One day we received an inquiry from EPC contractor with a requirement of 800 volts. We have Offer normally with 415V but after Order So many challenges we have faced at the time of Designing. We have developed a very well-designed team. Our team made a good design after many discussions with client, Consultant & Developer. Finally, A design ready and switchgear manufacturer have also approved it. Even though the manufacturing time of 800V Switchgear was long, we requested a lot and delivered it as soon as possible. In addition, the design was IP65 (Outdoor Application). So that we had enough Ventilation space in the panel. Although we are CPRI Approved and we undertook panel manufacturing by follow IEC 61439 as per requirements of Standards. Thus, giving warning to EPC contractor while charging for check temperature daily for avoid heating issue. Even though we have found some heating issue in CT and PT. After which we got to know a lot and, in our quality, we brought a lot of improvement and finally we made a design that is MW scale LT panel by brand “ACCU-PANELS”.

How many Major Projects done for 800V Solar System?

1. 4.2MWp Sahyadri Hospitals, GSE Solar Park
2. 6MWp Baldota, Sagitaur Ventures India Pvt Ltd
3. APL solar power plant sagitaur, Karnataka
4. 14 MWp Solar Park in Maharashtra for ACG World
6. 6 MW Solar Power Plant, Sangli, MH
9. 12.3 MWP SOLAR PV PROJECT BOSCH, Pathari, Maharashtra
10. 5MWp X 10+ Solar Plant Gujarat