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Motor Control Center Panel (MCC Panel)

Understanding Motor Control Center (MCC Panels)

Motor control center (MCC panel) is a central location for controlling electric motors. It includes motor starter, fuse or circuit breaker, overload relay and power contactor. Many commercial and industrial applications require multiple electric motors and it is often desirable to control several motors. Most industries use a special panel called a motor control panel to control one or more motors.

Accu-panels is known as the best quality #1 Panel Manufacturer, supplier and exporter for motor control Center (MCC Panels) in Ahmedabad Gujarat India.

MCC stands for Motor Control Center, and these panels serve as centralized hubs for controlling and managing the operation of electric motors within industrial settings. Their primary function revolves around providing a safe, efficient, and organized means to control motors and associated equipment.

Types of MCC Panels: 

Motor Control Center (MCC) panels come in various types, each tailored to meet specific industrial requirements. Here are some common types of MCC panels:

To guarantee the safety and reliability of Motor Control Center (MCC) panels, several critical standards shape their design and construction:

IEC 61439: This standard sets out basic requirements for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. It focuses on verifying designs, construction, and testing, covering crucial aspects for MCC panels.

IEC 60947: Different parts of this standard address specific components found in MCC panels, like circuit breakers and contactors. They guarantee the safety and performance of these individual parts.

UL 845: This standard, especially relevant in North America, defines the construction and performance guidelines for MCC assemblies. It covers safety, testing procedures, and labeling requirements.

NEMA Standards: Published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, these standards specify the types, ratings, and performance criteria for MCC panels. They promote consistency and reliability in design.

ISO 9001-2015: While not MCC-specific, adherence to ISO 9001:2015 standards signifies a commitment to quality management systems, ensuring consistent manufacturing quality.

Local Electrical Codes and Regulations: MCC panels must align with regional electrical codes and regulations specific to their installation location. This compliance ensures safety and compatibility within the local electrical infrastructure.

Accu-Panels is setting a high standard in MCC Panel manufacturing, focusing on quality and reliability across a wide spectrum of ratings to cater to diverse industrial needs. Their range of MCC Panels boasts impressive ratings, reflecting their commitment to robust and efficient motor management systems.

The MCC Panels manufactured by Accu-Panels exhibit remarkable specifications:

Rated Current: Accu-Panels offers a comprehensive range of rated currents, starting from 100A, catering to smaller industrial setups, and scaling up to 6300A, meeting the power requirements of larger, high-demand facilities.

Fault Level Capacity: These MCC Panels are engineered to handle fault levels up to 65kA and 80kA, showcasing their capability to withstand and manage high fault currents without compromising safety or performance.

Accu-Panels’ motor control cabinets achieve an impressive protection level up to IP65. This rating signifies robust protection against dust ingress and low-pressure water jets, ensuring the internal components are shielded from external elements.

Accu-Panels excels in crafting efficient Motor Control Center (MCC) systems. These panels manage single or multiple electrical motors, enabling local or remote control for better management.

Moreover, Varied Design Options

Accu-Panels offers MCC panels in different voltages—440V, 690V & 800V—compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies. These options suit various industrial power needs effectively.

Furthermore, Customization for Specific Needs

Accu-Panels tailors MCC panels to match specific industrial requirements precisely. Options include smaller units or more complex setups, ensuring precise alignment with different control needs.

Additionally, Focused Industries

Accu-Panels serves Chemical Power Plants, Utilities, Manufacturing, Mining, Food Beverage, Marine, and Oxygen Plants.

Lastly, Versatile Uses

Our MCC systems adeptly handle Dryer Control, Boiler Control, HVAC Plants, Manufacturing, Cement Plants, and more. This ensures seamless integration and efficient electrical management across various applications.