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Motor Control Center Panel (MCC Panel)

Motor control center (MCC panel) is a central location for controlling electric motors. It includes motor starter, fuse or circuit breaker, overload relay and power contactor. Many commercial and industrial applications require multiple electric motors and it is often desirable to control several motors. Most industries use a special panel called a motor control panel to control one or more motors.

Accu-panels is known as the best quality #1 OEM, supplier and exporter for motor control Center (MCC Panels) in Ahmedabad Gujarat India.

MCC panel is a group of starter that control different motors on different frequency. While a PCC panel is a group instrument of switches that distribute the electrical power. In most MCC and PCC panel manufacturer combine the starters and switches that panels are designed as PMCC.

Types of MCC & PCC Panels: 

There are various types of MCC and PCC Panels in Industry as below.

  • Standard MCC Panels with remote operation
  • Draw Out type MCC Panels
  • Dual Starter Panels
  • Autotransformer Starter Panels
  • VFD(AC drive) Control panels

Working Principal of motor control center is similar to Electrical Control panels and designed as per IEC 61439 part 1,2 &3 international standards. Electrical motor control panel is a part of electrical power distribution and control multiple motors using VFD, Soft starters and various starters.

Accu-Panels manufacturing the MCC Panel with a high standard of quality and reliability with rated current ranging from 100A to 6300A and up to 65KA and 80KA fault level motor management system control panel.

Accu-Panels motor control cabinet are made by Higher Quality CRCA Sheet, Laser cutting fabrication and 9-Tank powder coating as per IEC-61439 and Protection Level up to IP65

Accu-Panels make Motor Control Center (MCC’s) is the most efficient to control single or multiple electrical motors trough local/remote. Accu make Motor Control Center (MCC) Panel Design available in rated operating voltage 440V, 480V & 690V with 50HZ or 60HZ. 

Accu-panels focus the product and services delivery to industries such as Chemical power plants and Utilities, Manufacturing plants, Mining and ball mills, Food Beverage, Marine, Oxygen plant, and Other industries that require a reliable partner for a cost-effective solution for electrical panels.

Our MCC’s are Using in Dryer control, Boiler Control, HVAC plants, Manufacturing Industries, Cement Plants, and many more related to electricity.