what is synchronizing panel?

Synchronizing panel The name itself describes its role when you link with power Source. Means – To compare, match, adjust with two or more power magnitude levels. Demand of synchronising panels comes into action where power continuity is at priority level. In Conclusion, Synchronising panels is the most important part for critical production industries in LT Panels

origin from the basic

First of all I would like to introduce its back up player called AMF(Auto Mains Faliure) Panel on which the whole scenario depends. At every place where power continuity is primary requirement, you have depend on alternate sources besides mains grid incomer. So you have to rely on captive power plant like Diesel/UPS/Batteries/Wind/Solar etc. no concern whether it is renewable or non-renewable sources of energy.

principle of operation

All Power sources connected to common busbars using motorised circuit breakers or Air circuit breakers. Whenever main grid supply fails, Synchronizing relay comes into action and give control signal to alternate sources. So DG connected to common busbars. After that initial warmup DG starts and allowed to rotate on full speed.

Protection Level

Firstly, all indoor panels have protection of IP54 or better even more all outdoor panels have protected with IP65 or better. Secondly, all PCC Panels made by laser cutting CRCA sheet and powder coating with 7-Tank process.

  • Advanced as well as reliable control module
  • Full range protection function, and alarm shutdown feature
  • Synchronizing relays Woodward/Stucke/DEIF/Deepsea.
  • Power Generation Continuity
  • Protection class of IP52/IP55/IP65.
  • Ratings upto 6000A.
  • Generator and grid electricity Board feeder for AMF function.
  • Both Active and reactive power load sharing and avoids overloading of either system.


Standards of Dg Synchronizing Panel

Synchronization Panel are designed as per IS standard IS 8623, IEC 60529. In addition, all switches and the circuit breakers, connectors conformed to IEC 60947, part I, II and III/ IS 60947 part I, II and III. 

Synchronisation panels mostly designed and used to synchronise power Source like DG and Mains Synchronizing or Solar and Grid Synchronizing etc.