Feeder Pillar

Feeder Pillar


Feeder Pillar is an enclosure cum distribution board for electrical System at the street and various junctions. They provide local isolation from electrical distribution systems. In Foreign Countries A Feeder Pillar is one of the safery equipment for human. After Some time Feeder pilar and distribution board will provide intelligient control from mobile and alexa. In conclusion, Accu-panels provide Various types Pillar box with IP54, IP55 and IP65 level of protection against dust and water as per international standard specifications.

types of feeder Pillar’s

There are four types of feeder pillar’s Mini Pillar, Distribution pillar, Outdoor pillar and Indoor pillar. Mini feeder that are mostly suited outdoor application. These are manufactured by premium quality raw material and have a specified international standard of protection. Moreover, these are widely applicable in different industry and industrial application. Outdoor feeder provided by IP65 Protection with global quality human safety equipments.

What is feeder pillar and distribution board

LT Power Panel are part of distribution boards who receives power supply from transformer and HT panel it to various section in Industries. Feeder box Panel is an electrical Distribution boards. That mounted near street, basically it is switching & protective device which distributes the power supply.


Effective electrical enclosure to provide electrical services for low voltage electrical distribution applications. So mini feeder pillar is main part for all types of Electrical panel boards.


First of all, All switches and the circuit breakers, connectors confirmed to international standards. Because, Industries requirment is best quality of products. Our almost Lt distribution boards compatible with high rating of standards. Similarly, We are CPRI approved manufacturer in india. So, we are top 10 feeder distribution board supplier in ahmedabad gujarat.


The panels have designed for minimum expected ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, 80 percent humidity and dusty weather. All indoor panels have protected with IP54 or better. Outdoor panels have protected of IP65 or better by Accu-panels.

It have an effective electrical outdoor enclosure to provide electrical services for low voltage electrical distribution System. It designed as compact and rugged use with appropriate class of protection form dust and water.

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