PCC full form and PCC panel function:

PCC (Power Control Centre) Panels are used to supervise and control the voltage and power of the power system. These panels are made of high-quality raw material and are extremely sturdy in fabrication. Main power instrument panel which consists of feeder breakers and provide breakers, monitoring devices and control devices. A reputed pcc panel manufacturer read all field data received for electrical power panels are designed.

PCC panel and lt panels are made from 14/16 SWG CRCA material semi bolted structure firmly supported. Ensures desired breaking capacities, temperature rise & IP protection. Enough Space for incoming & outgoing Cable termination. Outgoing terminals are stud type as per IEC standard.

Power control center Panels are the most essential part of electrical system. An industry from where the power of the industry is controlled. Perfect Products (India) is widely known for premium quality power distribution board designed and made consistent with the customer specifications. Best quality switchgear and busbar are used for reliable and efficient performance.

All the base plates are neatly mounted with necessary electrical components to ease the wire routings & wherever necessary PVC ferrules provided. The component Identification stickers are provided both on the components & base plates.

Main power control board which consists of feeder breakers and provide breakers, monitoring devices and control devices. Our offered panel is very recommended among our clients and widely utilized in various industries.

Power Control Centre is used for distribution and control of various power source used in industry. Normally Power Control Centre's is installed near power source hence fault level is high. It is designed for fault level 65 KA for 1-sec Busbar system.

We offer PCC panel with a current carrying capacity up to 6300Amp. We have Type Test Certificate up to 65KA for1sec for short Circuit test form CPRI Bhopal. Our PMCC Panel integrated with all necessary protections to ensure that it meets all safety standards prevailing in the industry.

We offers wide range electrical control panels like pcc cum apfc & pcc cum mcc panel as per requirement of customer. In some application, we offer flexibility to work from two Power Source or Either one .

Electrical abbreviations and symbols in PCC panel:

PCC : Power Control Panel

MCC : Motor Control Panel

AMF: Auto Mains Failure

PMCC : Power & Motor Control Centre

A : Ampere Meter

V : Voltmeter

PF : Power Factor

PCC panel full form is Power Control Center in Distribution and control for a various electrical power source in Industry. Therefore, it is the most important thing about electricity. In OtherWords, PCC panels are a distribution boards rule contain any power and would be simply power distribution. Industries need low maintenance, better working and affordable design for LT PCC Panels we have summarised name ACCU-PCC (The Accurate PCC Panel Manufacturer) पीसीसी पैनल विक्रेता

Main Features:

·       Panels are designed based on Client design and specifications

·       Preparation of bill of quantities, tendering

·       Preparation of detailed drawings, site set out

·       Sourcing of material from different well-known vendors

·       Evaluation and submission of progress report

·       Execution of planting schemes

·       Total commissioning as per the request of our esteemed client

·       As per client request, we do test of Panels, repairing and replacing the panels which are not in good condition

Accu-Panels manufacturing the PCC Panel (पीसीसी पैनल विक्रेता) with a high standard of quality and reliability. As a result, Accupanels is a top 10 electrical panel manufacturer. LT panels are designed with rated current ranging from 100A to 6300A and up to 65KA and 80KA fault level.

Types of Accu-PCC

Accu PCC is a power distribution board to control the Electrical power supplied to HT Panels, MCC Panels, and transformers who play a vital role in all electrical control systems. Accu PCC panels widely used in refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, and Solar Industries.

Firstly, all indoor panels have the protection of IP54 or better even more all outdoor panels have protected with IP65 or better. Secondly, all PCC Panels made by laser cutting CRCA sheet and powder coating with the 7-Tank process.

Accu PCC panels (पीसीसी पैनल विक्रेता) are manufactured in a perfectly compartmentalized structure design from ms sheet. Premium quality insulators are used to ensure the safety of the busbar. Also, Provision of space heaters, thermostats, and backup protection if required by the customers.

Following Drawings are provided to the customer before starting the manufacturing of PCC panel:

a) General Arrangement

b) Single Line Diagram

c) Bill of Material

d) General Notes

e) Control Circuits-schemes

Following Tests can be witnessed by the customer

a) Dimensional Check

b) Bill of Material Verification

c) Functional Checks

d) Two lamp Series Test

e) Insulation resistance test

f) High Voltage Test 2.5. KV for 1 minute