Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies for specific applications such as electric vehicles charging stations

Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies: for specific applications such as electric vehicles charging stations

Low voltage switchgear and control gear assembly for electric vehicles charging stations (ACSEV). Combination of one or more transforming and switching devices together with associated control, measuring, signaling, protective and regulating equipment, with all their internal electrical and mechanical interconnections.

Structural parts, designed and built for electric vehicles charging stations.

Stationary or movable assemblies are intended to be connected to supply by either fixed or temporary connections e.g plugs and socket outlets.

Ground-mounted stationary assemblies intended to be installed at ground level on a foundation.

Various Protections for assemblies of LV Switchgear in EV charging Stations:

1.     IP65 Protection against contact with live parts, ingress of solid foreign bodies and water in the enclosure

2.     Protection against electric shock

3.     Electrical separation

4.     Selection of switching devices and components

5.     Protection against overcurrent

6.     socket-outlets, shall allow compliance with the relevant requirements

7.     Water and other fluid systems may be installed in the enclosure but a separated compartment shall be provided.

8.     Mechanical shock impacts induced by sharp edged objects

9.     Mechanical strength of doors as hinged on a vertical edge of the enclosure.

Helping customers on their own journey:

Every organisation will have unique requirements depending on their fleet profile and usage. There are however, several key aspects to consider, a number of which are listed below, including cost benefit analysis and operational considerations – both are essential to gain executive sign-off, even within companies with principle-based leadership.


Author: Ritesh Jani, Manager EV charging Station – Accu-Panels Energy Pvt Ltd