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DG-PV (Diesel Generator-Solar) Synchronising with dg and solar with Grid Zero Export Facility.

Why Synchronization with dg and solar: Now Days, Solar Power plants are Necessary to utilize Renewable energy in Industrial, commercial & Residential segment. Generally solar Power plant interface With Grid common, but when we talk about DG so we fails to synchronize solar plant with DG source. But we have successful solution for it, and we introduce it in Global market as a DG-PV Synchronizing controller with Zero export facility in both sources Grid and DG. we introduce it as

Why We Require Synchronization with dg and solar

Solar-Grid Synch. System, the inverters start with the reference Voltage and Frequency of Grid source. We can see two possible conditions now,

  1. The load is always more than the PV grid supply
  2. Possibility that load can be less than PV grid supply
Condition-1 & 2(For GRID Supply)

During the condition 1, we do not see any issues if everything works fine. But during the conditions 2, the power generated from PV will be greater than the load requirements and hence there is a possibility that this current export into ac line of Grid. Not an issues if State Dis-com Authority Allows to export it to in Grid so we can get Revert for generation, but in some of state Authority doesn’t allows to Export it to grid so we can limit generation from inverter by using our Zero Export device facility inbuilt with DG-PV Synchronizing Controller with Grid Zero Export.

Why We Require Solar In Case Of DG?

To synchronize a grid connected inverter with DG during a power cut. So we tries to consume all the power generated from solar and reduce its dependence on DG.

We usually consider solar as a backup for power cuts and also consider payback by selling excess generated. Now the only solution in the market all we know that the hybrid inverters, but as market scenario these are very expensive compared to normal inverters. But what about installations with existing grid inverters? Most of doe not aware of these conditions but we have successful solution for this issue.

What we propose here, the inverters needs to be connected to a common bus bar. In the common Bus-bar all the sources and loads are connected. During the condition the DG switch ON to generate reference voltage and frequency to start up the solar inverters. Once the inverter is ON the load will be supplied by both inverter and DG sets.

Let’s now consider that the inverter has turned ON using the DG sets reference voltage and current. I see two possible conditions again in DG source,

  1. The load greater than the PV generator supply
  2. Possibility that load can be less than PV generator supply
Condition-1 & 2 (For DG Supply)

During the condition 1, i do not see any issues if everything works as per load requirement. But during the condition 2, the power generated from PV will be greater than the load requirements and hence here possibility that this current will be export to the ac line of the bus bar / DG sets (stator of DG sets). We can expect a rise in AC voltage and frequency- above critical level. If this happens, this condition can trip the inverter due to over-voltage/frequency protection circuits. Now we have not consume power from the solar and therefore we have to operate the DG sets. This condition also damage the vital parts of the generator.


To overcome this such an issue, we should have proper Device by which we can prevent our DG against this reverse power issue. And additionally we could have ability to limit the Solar Generation. So we can provide above all issues in one Device as earlier we introduce DG-PV Synchronizing controller with Zero export facility.

Block Diagram Of Synchronization With Dg And Solar Inverter By Accu Panels

Working of Synchronization with dg and solar with Block Diagram:

For such situations we have a smart controller for DG-PV Synchronizing that can be installed at power plants of various capacities. It is a revolutionary product that has Working as per below schematic diagram in different conditions of Grid & DG power sources interface with solar plant.

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