What is MCC and PCC Panels?


Understanding of MCC and PCC panels in electrical systems

In industrial and commercial landscapes, MCC (Motor Control Center) and PCC (Power Control Center) panels serve as essential components for managing electrical distribution. Their different roles include motor control and power distribution, ensuring both efficient and safe operation.

PCC Panels: Efficient Power Distribution

PCC panels act as a central control unit to monitor and regulate the voltage and distribution of the power system. These panels are made using high-quality raw materials, which ensure strength and long-term reliability in their fabrication.

Components and Functionality of PCC Panels:

These panels collectively manage power distribution, providing feeder breakers, breakers, monitoring and control devices. Their efficiency ensures seamless operation, minimizing potential power-related issues in the system.

Advanced features and design precision:

Leading manufacturers of PCC panels prioritize advanced design integration. These panels are engineered to interpret field data received from electrical power panels, facilitating precise monitoring and control. This data-driven approach optimizes power distribution and enhances overall system performance.

Accu-Panels Expertise in PCC Solutions:

Accu-Panels, specialized for their expertise, specializes in manufacturing reliable and efficient PCC panels. Their commitment to superior materials and advanced monitoring and control facilities ensures that their PCC panels meet the strictest industry standards. This significantly contributes to efficient management of power in industrial and commercial setups.



MCC Panel: Central Motor Control

MCC, short for Motor Control Center, serves as a centralized hub for controlling and operating electric motors in industrial settings. This panel ensures safe, efficient and orderly motor control and equipment operation.

Different Types of MCC Panels:

MCC panels come in different types, each suited to specific industrial needs:

Accu-Panel range of MCC solutions:

Accu-Panels has a diverse range of MCC panels, catering to multi-faceted industrial needs. Their comprehensive lineup, from standard to specialized solutions such as VFD and soft starter MCC panels, ensures efficient motor control in a variety of applications.

Expertise of Accu-Panels:

Accu-Panels excel not only in manufacturing MCC panels but also in designing top PCC panels. Moreover, their MCC panels are adept at handling low-tension motor power, conforming to global standards such as IS 8623 and IEC 61439. Additionally, their expertise extends to PCC panels, designed for effective high-tension power management in various industrial settings.

Advanced Solutions by Accu-Panels:

Introducing innovations like Accu Control Panels, Accu-Panels integrate intelligent features and cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, these panels go beyond traditional MCC and PCC functionalities, ensuring precise motor control and efficient power distribution across industries.


MCC panels are key to industrial motor control operations, while PCC panels regulate power system voltage and distribution. Ultimately, Accu-Panels’ commitment to diverse, advanced, and customized solutions underscores their expertise in meeting the evolving demands of industrial control systems.

Author and  Written by Ghanshyam Soni, Managing Director, Accu-Panels Energy Pvt Ltd.

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